Displacement Transducers (VW)

Displacement Transducers (VW)



The Model 4450 Displacement Transducer provides remote readout capability for borehole extensometers. They are particularly useful where other types of vibrating wire sensors are used and/or for installations where long cable runs are required. The Model 4450 can also be installed between borehole anchors, in conjunction with the requisite length connecting rod, to provide a permanent, in-place incremental extensometer.


Standard Ranges¹ 12.5, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 230, 300 mm
Resolution 0.025% F.S.
Accuracy² ±0.1% F.S.
Nonlinearity <0.5% F.S.
Temperature Range¹ −20°C to +80°C
Lengths³ × Coil Diameter 187, 206, 272, 409, 474, 672, 698, 939 mm × 19 mm

¹Other ranges available on request.

²Accuracy established under laboratory conditions.

³Length with shaft fully retracted.