Eurosens Detector 01

Eurosens Detector 01



With extensive experience of designing and manufacturing such heavy installations, we created a stand Eurosens Detector 01 meet the accuracy and at the same time being easy to manage and maintain!

  • Reference Range flow up to 500 l / h
  • Power supply 220 V
  • Simultaneous calibration of the 10 sensors
  • Automatic flow control


Verification liquid diesel
Limits of relative error of measurement of volume, % ±0,3
Flow Range, l/h 1-500
Error limits job flow ,% ±2
Max pressure, MPa 0,5
Number of simultaneously calibrated sensors, max 10
Connecting thread ?14?1,5
Power voltage, V/Gz ~220/50
Dimensions, m, max 1,3?0,7?2,0
Weight, kg, max 100