NATM Style Shotcrete Stress (VW)

NATM Style Shotcrete Stress (VW)

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The Model 4850 NATM Style Shotcrete Stress Cells are designed for the measurement of tangential (4850-1) and radial (4850-2) stresses in shotcrete tunnel linings. The cells consist of two rectangular steel plates welded together around the periphery with a de-aired fluid occupying the space between the plates. A short tube connects the cell to a vibrating wire pressure transducer. A prestressing tube is provided for expanding the cell after the concrete has cured. Cells of this type are also used for measurements of stress in mass concrete.


Standard Ranges¹
4850-1 | 7.5, 20, 35 MPa
4850-2 | 2, 3, 5 MPa
Over Range 150% F.S.
Resolution 0.025% F.S.
Accuracy² ±0.1% F.S.
Temperature Range¹
−20°C to +80°C
L × W × H¹ 4850-1 | 200 × 100 × 6 mm
4850-2 | 250 × 150 × 6 mm

¹Other ranges and sizes available on request.

²Transducer accuracy established under laboratory conditions.