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Paper Packaging Testing Equipment Series HD-501-600

Paper Packaging Testing Equipment Series HD-501-600



Carton compression testing instrument is used for measuring the pressure strength of cartons, containers, etc. for inspecting the pressure-resistance and strike-endurance of packing materials during transportation or being carried, and it can be used to do the stacking test. The result of the test can be used as the important reference of the height of the pilling up of the finished product or the important basis of the packing design.


Main technical parameters:
Model: HD-501-600
Capacity (optional): 1T
Unit (switchable): kg, Lb, N
Load Resolution: 1/10,000
Load Accuracy: ≤0.5%
Test Space (L×W×H): 600×800×800mm
Speed of Compression: 10 ±3mm/min
Report Items: Serial number, Peak value, Average value, Designated holding pressure value; all   memorable
Structure: AC Frequency Conversion Motor (Taiwan);
Dimension (L×W×H): 1090×800×1325mm
Weight: Approx. 590kg
Power: 220V/ 50Hz