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Universal Testing Machine MM W1A

Universal Testing Machine MM W1A



MM-W1A Vertical Universal Friction and Wear Testing Machine. Its function and application are similar to FALEX6# Multi-Specimen Test Machine of USA. It is designed for simulating, evaluating and testing all kinds of high-class serial hydraulic oil, combustion oil, gear oil. It is used in tribology field, petrol chemical industry, mechanical, energy resource, metallurgy, space flight, universities, institutes etc.


  • Axial test force working range: 0?1000N
  •  Relative error of long time auto hold indicating Value: not bigger than±1% FS 1.5
  • Return zero error of digital display device of test force indicating value: not bigger than±0.2%FS
  • Measuring maximum friction moment: 2.5N.m
  • Friction force weighing transducer: 50N
  • Friction force arm distance: 50mm
  • Stepless speed variation: 1?2000r/min
  • Special deceleration system: 0.05?20r/min
  • Overall dimension (L×W×H): 600×682×1560mm