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2axle Load Testing Machine – TO-L-2

2axle Load Testing Machine – TO-L-2



Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will requite to customer by the best product


  • The tester is to evaluate the strength and stability of the vehicle display panel
  • 2 vertical orientation to a horizontal axis are possible to test
  • Load test points are designed to allow the driver to adjust the angle with ease
  • The accuracy and durability are adopted a servo motor drive system
  • It is easy to acquire and analyze data, using the Software


Force Capacity 500 kgf
Load Accuracy +/-0.5 %
Stroke Accuracy +/-0.1 %
Max. Test Speed 500 mm/min
Min. Test Speed 0.1 mm/min
Speed Accuracy +/-0.1 %
Resolution 0.5 m
Driving System AC Servo Motor
Software Motion set-up & control, Data analyze, Save, Print
Power 230 V 2P 60 Hz
Weight 1.5 ton