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Ball Tack Tester

Ball Tack Tester



Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will requite to customer by the best product


Application Field

Adhesive film, and a kind of tape


KS A 1107, JIS K 0237, ASTM D 1894

Product Descriptiono

      • This tester was produced by the initial adhesion test of the adhesive film and
        sheets. The test method is to measure and compare the sizes of the ball when the ball
        rolls on a slope that has specified angle(usually 20 ), and when the ball stops for a
        certain time(more than 5 minutes)
      • Fixed slope type/adjustable slope type
      • ball set : 31ea (option)


Model TO-730 T0-730A
Test Point 4 Channel
Angle 30° (Fixed type) 10° ~ 60 °(Variable format)
Ball Material Steel Ball
Ball Size 31 EA ( Ø1/16" ~ Ø1"
Standard ASTM D 1894, KS A 1107, ISO 8295
Dimensions 250W x 350D x 250Hmm 500W x 300D x 450Hmm