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Borehole Deformation Gages

Borehole Deformation Gages

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The Model 5000 Borehole Deformation Gage is the proven USBM-style gage used to measure in situ rock stresses using the overcoring technique in rock that is competent and elastic. The measurement of in situ stresses is important in the design of underground openings such as power houses, crushing stations, mines, tunnels and the like. It is also useful for determining the inherent stability of pit slopesfoundation excavationsmine pillars and dam abutments. A full line of ancillary equipment is available including readout units, biaxial modulus chamber setting rods, etc.


Borehole Diameter 38 mm EX-size diamond drill hole
Resolution 1.0 µε
Minimum Overcore Depth 203 mm (25 mm with reverse case)
Maximum Overcore Depth
15 m standard (60 m with extra cable)
Temperature Range −20°C to +80°C
Length × Diameter 267 × 35 mm