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CAN-GPS Field Station

CAN-GPS Field Station

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In 2010, Orion developed a new field station designed for rapid deployment and emergency response. The CAN-GPS modularized our SinglePoint GPS tracking station into a much more manageable field system by separating the GPS and wireless from the power hardware, while simultaneously reducing their size and weight.  This segregation enabled a lightweight (
The primary design goal - to reduce size and weight to improve field handling - was met.  The system saw initial on-site setup times drop to under 90 seconds, greatly reducing operational hazard exposure. At the same time, the station's hardened, weather-resistant enclosure was more than suitable for continuous, long-term operations.  In fact, CAN-GPS stations have been continuously operating in desert, alpine and tropical climates for over three years.


Dimensions Cylindrical enclosure, less than 18” (457 mm)
installed height:
• CAN: 6.625” diam. by 12” length (168 x
304 mm)
• Mount Adapter: 2.5” or 3.5” (64-89 mm)
• Antenna Clearance: ~2.5” (64 mm)
Weight • 14 lbs (6.4 kg)
Mount • 5/8”-11 female threaded adapter
Power • 9-18VDC input (12VDC nominal)
• Externally fused; 1-1/4” 6A slow blow
• Power LED
Consumption2 • 275 mA max, 245 mA avg. (WiFi-2.4G)
• 240 mA max, 170 mA avg. (FHSS-900)
Ports • N-female bulkhead (Wireless antenna)
• TNC-female bulkhead (GPS antenna)
• USB Mini-B (GPS receiver comm.)
• Power: Mil-C, 3-pin, waterproof
Accessories • Comm: USB-A to Mini-B cable, 6 ft.
• Power: Mil-C power cable, 10 ft. MSHA rated (custom length and termination options
available on request)
Color  • White, Black; others available on request.