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Capa NCDT 6200

Capa NCDT 6200

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The capaNCDT 6200 is the first multi-channel measurement system that is entirely modular. The controller can easily be extended up to four synchronized channels to support flexible applications. All capacitive displacement sensors by Micro-Epsilon can be operated using the capaNCDT 6200 controller. The integrated Ethernet interface supports parameterization and measurements via web interface. The DL6230 demodulator is available for high resolution measurements. For high-speed measurements up to 20kHz, the capaNCDT 6222 system is available.


Controller type DT62x0 Demodulator DL6220 Demodulator DL6230
Resolution static 0.004% FSO 0.0005% FSO
Resolution dynamic 0.02% FSO (5kHz) 0.02% FSO (5kHz)
Bandwidth 5kHz (-3dB) 5kHz (-3dB)
Bandwidth adjustable 5kHz, 20Hz 5kHz, 20Hz
Bandwidth digital output max. 3.906 kSa/s max. 3.906 kSa/s
Linearity (typ.) ≤ ±0.05% FSO ≤ ±0.025% FSO
Max. sensitivity deviation ≤ ±0.1% FSO ≤ ±0.1% FSO
Long term stability ≤ 0.02% FSO/month ≤ 0.02% FSO/month
Synchronous operation supported   DT6220  yes (only internal) yes
Synchronous operation supported   DT6230 yes no
Temperature stability 200ppm/°C 200ppm/°C
Temperature range (operation)  sensor -50 ... + 200°C -50 ... + 200°C
Temperature range (operation)    controller +10 … +60°C +10 … +60°C
Temperature range (storage) -10 … +75°C -10 … +75°C
Supply   DT6220 24VDC (12…36VDC) 24VDC (15…36VDC)
Supply   DT6230  24VDC (15…36VDC) 24VDC (15…36VDC)
Power consumption   per DL62x0 1.8W (typ.); 2.0W (max.)  1.9W (typ.); 2.2W (max.)
Power consumption   DT6220   3.1W (typ.)  3.1W (typ.)
Power consumption   DT6230   3.8W (typ.)  3.8W (typ.)
 Analogue output  0 … 10V (short circuit proof)   0 … 10V (short circuit proof)
Analogue output 4…20mA (load max. 500Ω) 4…20mA (load max. 500Ω)
Digital interface   DT6220 Ethernet Ethernet
Digital interface   DT6230 Ethernet + EtherCAT Ethernet + EtherCAT
 Sensors  all sensors  all sensors
Sensor cable standard CC cable ≤ 1m CC cable ≤ 1m
Sensor cable standard CCm cable = 1.4m CCm cable = 1.4m
Sensor cable standard CCg cable = 2m CCg cable = 2m
Sensor cable (matched) double / triple standard cable length double / triple standard cable length
Trigger TTL, 5V TTL, 5V
Number of channels max. 4 max. 4