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Confocal chromatic miniature sensors

Confocal chromatic miniature sensors



The confocal chromatic confocalDT measuring system is used for fast distance and thickness measurement. Different sensor models and controller interfaces open versatile fields of application, e.g. in the semiconductor industry, glass industry, medical engineering and plastics production.


Sensor model (miniature) IFS2402-0,4 IFS2402-1,5 I IFS2402/90-1,5 IFS2402-4 I IFS2402/90-4 IFS2402-10 IFS2402/90-10
Measuring range 400µm 1.5mm 1.5mm 3.5mm 2.5mm 6.5mm 6.5mm
Start of measuring range    approx. 1.5mm 0.9mm 2.5mm 1) 1.9mm 2.5mm 1) 2.5mm 3.5mm
Spot diameter 10µm 20µm 20µm 20µm 20µm 100µm 100µm

~0.3µm 1.2µm 1.2µm ~3µm 2µm 13µm 13µm
≤±0.08 % FSO ≤±0.2 % FSO
Resolution 2) 16nm 60nm 60nm 0.1µm 0.1µm 0.25µm 0.25µm
Weight 15g
Max. tilt (direct reflection) ± 8° ± 5° ± 5° ± 3° ± 3° ± 1.5° ± 1.5°
Protection class IP40
Operating temperature +5 ... +70 °C
Storage temperature -30 ... +70 °C
 Sensor cable (optical fiber)   length: integral cable 2m; option up to 50m; bending radius: static 30mm; dynamic 40mm
 Shock  15g, 6ms
 Vibration  2g / 10Hz ... 500Hz