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ConfocalDT 242x

ConfocalDT 242x

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The confocalDT 2421 and 2422 controllers are used for distance and thickness measurements of diffuse reflecting and specular surfaces. Available as either a single- or a dual-channel version, these confocal chromatic measurement systems enable a low cost solution especially for high volume applications. The active exposure regulation feature in the CCD array enables accurate, fast surface compensation on changing surfaces.

This controller is compatible with all sensor types of the IFS series covering numerous measurement tasks. The controller is optionally available as a multi-peak version for multi-layer thickness measurements. Using a special calculation function, the confocalDT 2422 dual-channel version evaluates both channels. Measurement acquisition is synchronous and can be carried out while exploiting the full measuring rate for both channels.


Controller IFC2421 IFC2421MP IFC2422 IFC2422MP
Multi peak measurement 2 peaks 6 peaks 2 peaks 6 peaks
Measurement channels 1 1 2 2
Light source internal white LED
Measuring rate continuously adjustable, 100Hz to 6.5kHz
Resolution  Ethernet/EtherCAT 1nm
Resolution  RS422 18 bit
Resolution  Analogue 16 bit
Storage up to 20 calibration tables for different sensors per channel, menu selection
Controller inputs/outputs

Sync-In/Trig-In, Sync-Out

Error1-Out, Error2-Out

Encoder (2x A, , B, , Index)



Analogue: current, voltage (16 bit D/A converter)

EtherCAT EtherCAT
Operating elements, controller display

Multifunction button (as well as dark alignment and reset to factory setting after 10sec)

5x LED for intensity, range, status, supply voltage

Supply voltage, power consumption 24 VDC ±15 %, approx. 10 W
Housing Aluminium case for DIN rail mounting
Protection class IP40
Operating temperature 5°C ... 50°C
Storage temperature -20°C ... 70°C
Permissible ambient light 30,000lx


EMC interference emission

Interference resistance


EN 61 000-6-3 / DIN EN 61326-1 (class B)

EN 61 000-6-2 / DIN EN 61326-1

Shock 15g, 6ms
Vibration 2g / 10Hz ... 500Hz
Optical fibre cable length  Sensor 2 ... 50m
Optical fibre cable length  Connector E2000
Max. cable lengths (all cables are shielded)  EtherCAT, Ethernet CAT5E; length <100m
Max. cable lengths (all cables are shielded)  Supply, RS422, sync./error <30m
Max. cable lengths (all cables are shielded)  Analogue <30m
Max. cable lengths (all cables are shielded)  Encoder <3m