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Constant Loader - TO-250

Constant Loader - TO-250



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Application Field
Rubber, Plastic
ASTM D 2240, ISO 7619
Product Description

  • In case of ASTM D 2240, it was specified to use 1kgf for A Type, 5kgf for D Type, because the durometer of rubber can have some individual errors depending on the load and speed.
  • This tester has been produced based on the standard. Therefore, hardness measurement can be accurate.
  • ASTM D 2240(load is specified) ISO 7619(speed is specified: Max 3.2m/s).


Model TO-250
Type Moving up to down Type
Material Exterior SS41, AL pendulum
Weight  1 kgf
Surface Treating  After polishing, Chrome gilitng and AL coloring
Base Size  Approx. 200 x 300 mm (W x D)
 Stroke up to down 100 m/m
Including the attached nut for durometer
  Manufacturing the zig for attached specimen