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Corrugated Box Tester

Corrugated Box Tester



Corrugated Box Tester  is used for measuring the pressure strength of boxes,cartons, packaging containers, etc. for inspecting the pressure-resistance and strike-endurance of packing materials during transportation or carry. Also it can do hold pressure stacking test ,It's equipped with 4 precise Load Cells for detection. The testing results are displayed by computer.



Corrugated Box Tester Factory 
1.AC frequency conversion motor ( Taiwan) 
2.For box compression testing 
3.Carton test 

The main technical parameters  

Capacity (optional):


Unit (switchable):

Kg, Lb, N

Load Resolution:


Load Accuracy:


Test Space (L×W×H):

1000×1200×1200 mm

Speed of Compression:

10 ± 3 mm/min

Report Items:      

Serial number, Peak value, Average value, Designated holding pressure value; all  memorable


AC frequency conversion motor ( Taiwan); Ordinary screw rod

Dimension (L×W×H):

1795×1000×1820 mm

Weight :

Approx. 690 kg


220V/ 50Hz

Safety Devices:

Overload protection, overvoltage protection & limited position protection device