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Din Type Abrasion Tester - TO200D

Din Type Abrasion Tester - TO200D



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Application Field
Rubber, PU, Outsole for Shoes, etc.
DIN 53516, KS M 6624, JIS K 63329,6264
Product Description

  • This is a device that measures the abrasion. The sample such as vulcanized rubber, foam rubber, PU foam, and etc. is worn down to a drum attached to the abrasive cloth of standard by rotating at a rate of speed 40RPM/MIN. By comparing the mass of worn standard specimens and that of specimens in the same condition, the abrasion is measured
  • High-precision DRUM-the grip moves at the speed of 4.2mm/min
  • Automatically shutdown and auto-return is possible. / Standard specimens are offered


Model TO-200D
Test Loading 2.5N, 5N, 10N
Drum Diameter 150mm
Drum Length 460mm
Drum Rotation 40 RPM
Grip Lateral Movement 4.2mm/min (Drum Revolution)
Abrasive Paper #60
Abrasion Speed 19.2mm/min
Dimension 700 x 300 x 300mm
Weight 50kg
Power AC 220 V 50Hz