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Elastic Restoring Force Testing Machine – TO-L-1

Elastic Restoring Force Testing Machine – TO-L-1



Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will requite to customer by the best product


  • This tester is for measuring the direction of the elastic restoring force of the product
  • It can be used to obtain a precise Data Load Cell and LVDT
  • It is easy to apply to the data acquisition and analysis only Software


Body Specification Content of Evaluation
Test Methods

DC Servo motor & Driver

DVServo&Reducer, Ball Screw x2axis

& Timing Pully

Test Load Max 10kgf x 2set
Test Speed Max 500mm/min
Test Stroke Max 100mm
Measuring Sensor (LVDT) Max 20mm
Controller Specification Content of Evaluation
Control Axis Srepper&Servo Motion Control



Max. Data Sampling Speed Max 1kHz
Control Software Testone Program
PC Specification Content of Evaluation
Industrial Computer

CPU : G2030(intel, 3.0GHz) / RAM : 2GB

CPU Board : IMBA-Q670(IEI)

Power : ST-450(Seventaem, 450W)

HDD : 1 TB(WD,7200RPM)

ODD : DVD-Multi(Samsung)

Cooler : 1156C(IEI, 1U)

OS : windows7 Pro(DSP, 32bit)

Monitor : 19" LCDWIDE

19" PC Rack STD