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Fuel Economy Meter

Fuel Economy Meter



Fuel Economy Meter is a fuel economy meter with unsurpassed accuracy and ease of use. This patent pending design combines our high speed, high performance, exhaust flow meter with a CO/CO2 gas analyzer, packaged into an integrated system, providing accurate, real-time fuel economy measurements using the carbon balance method. Sample handling is integrated into the system, with an internal sample probe, heated filter, water trap, and Nafion dryer. The system accomodates standard flow tube sizes from 1" through 6" diameters, and is also scalable, enabling custom sizes upon request.


  • 1065 Compliant: The SEMTECH FEM meets the US EPA 1065 compliance requirements for in-use testing.
  • High Speed Sampling: The SEMTECH FEM internally samples the differential pressure channels at up to 5 kHz, accounting for every pressure pulse from an engine, from idle to maximum rpm. Standard output rate is 1 Hz.
  • Sample Handling: Sample probe, heated filter, water trap, and Nafion dryer are integrated into the tube electronics. An additional Nafion dryer is included in the control module.
  • Embedded Calibration: Calibration coefficients embedded in the flow tube electronics are automatically recognized on connection. Therefore, tubes of varying sizes can be interchanged with one control module.
  • Multiple Tube Sizes: Eight flow tube sizes accommodate engines from less than 0.8L displacement up to 24L. Available tube sizes are 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 4", 5", and 6".
  • Back Purge: A software controlled back purge pump is included in the flow tube assembly, along with solenoids that route high pressure air backward through the pitot tube, purging contaminants and any condensation in the pressure lines. No dismantling is required.
  • Auto Zero: With a single software command, internal solenoids open the pressure sensors to ambient air, allowing fast and easy zeroing while the engine is still operating.
  • Graphical Panel Display: A full color, graphic touch screen displays live data, and enables system setup and basic functions, such as zero and span.
  • Power Supply Monitoring: Power can be either 12 VDC, 110 VAC, or 220 VAC, with both current and voltage monitoring.
  • Rugged Construction: The unit can be used in harsh environments, including, for example, off-highway testing.
  • Shock Resistance: The mechanical design has been optimized for resistance to shock and vibration, ensuring data in the most rugged of in-use environments.
  • Design Details: Over a decade of experience in in-use emissions testing has gone into the design details of the SEMTECH ECOSTAR system, including:
    • EMI protection, including gaskets, filters and capped connectors
    • Stress relief for pneumatic connections
    • Channels for cable management
    • Standard Swagelok™ bulkhead connectors
    • Rugged Deutsch connectors for power and auxiliary connectors
    • Handles that lock to other SEMTECH ECOSTAR modules for stable system integration


Flow Tube Specifications

Exhaust Temperature Range

-5 to 700°C

Exhaust Temperature Accuracy

±1% of reading or ± 2°C, whichever is greater

Flow Measurement Linearity

|xmin x (a1 - 1) + a0 | ≤ 1% of max Slope a1 between 0.99 and 1.01 Standard Error of Estimates (SEE) ≤ 1% of max Coefficient of Determination r2 ≥ 0.990

Flow Measurement Accuracy

±2% of reading or ±0.5% of full scale, whichever is greater

Warm-Up Time

60 minutes to meet specifications

System Response Time T0-90

≤ 2.5 seconds; synchronized to match rise time of gaseous analyzers

Data Rate

5 Hz



Power Input

12 VDC; using power supply from FEM module


RS 232

Control Module Dimensions (L x D x W)

  1. 14.2 x 7.0 x 4.0 in

Control Module Weight

4 kg 9 lb


Flow Tube Outer Diameter

in mm

1 25

  1. 38

2 51

  1. 64

3 76

4 102

5 127

6 152

Flow Tube Length

in mm

20 508

20 508

20 508

25 635

25 635

25 635

30 764

36 914

FEM Module Specifications




Max Range (Full Scale) (1)

8% vol.

18% vol.


10 ppm

  1. 2


|xmin x (a1 - 1) + a0 | ≤ 0.5% of span Slope a1 between 0.99 and 1.01 Standard Error of Estimates (SEE) ≤ 1% of span Coefficient of Determination r2 ≥ 0.998


≤ ±2% of reading or ≤ ±0.3% of full scale, whichever is greater

As low as ±50 ppm

As low as ±0.1% vol. CO2


≤ 2% of point or ≤ ±1% of point (span) whichever is greater


≤ 1% of span


≤ 2% of span

Zero Drift (Over 1 hour)

≤ ±50 ppm

≤ ±0.1% vol.

Span Drift (Over 8 hours)

≤ ±2% of span value or

≤ ±20 ppm, which ever is greater

≤ ±0.1% vol., whichever is greater

Rise Time (T10-90)

≤ 2.5 seconds

System Response Time (T0-90)

≤ 10 seconds

Data Rate

5 Hz

Sample Flow Rate (nominal)



Physical Specifications


12 VDC Nominal (10.5 - 14.5 VDC) 110 VAC or 240 VAC

Warm-Up Time

60 minutes to meet specifications

Storage Temperature

Dry -10 to 60°C ambient

Operating Environment

-10 to 45°C ambient

Dimensions (W x D x H)

  1. 17.2 x 12.3 x 3.6 in.


  1. 22.0 lbs.

Data Transmission


Electromagnetic Interference and Susceptibility

CE Standards: IEC 61326: 2002-2


Gas Requirements & Consumption

Gas Use



Maximum span gases for vehicle exhaust

CO 8% vol.


CO2 18% vol.

O2 25% vol.

Zero Gas

Purified N2 or Purified Synthetic Air

NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice. While due caution has been exercised in the production of this document, possible errors and omissions can occur.