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GA-5000 Flue Gas Analyzer (ultra-low range)

GA-5000 Flue Gas Analyzer (ultra-low range)



GA-5000 flue gas analyzer is a self-developed gas analysis product of multiple return light path. The analyzer is based on DOAS and chemometric algorithms (PLS), able to measure SO2, NO, NO2, O2, NH3, CO, CO2, Cl2, O2, H2S, HCl, CH2I, etc. With high accuracy and reliability, low operating costs, fast response time, wide measurement range and application fields, it has achieved even surpassed similar products home and abroad.


  • Low detection limit and temperature-drift;
  • Getting NOx by directly measuring NO and NO2 without NO2→NO converter;
  • No interference of particulate matter, moisture and other factors;
  • No optical moving parts, high reliability, no interference to the measurement by field;
  • Vibration Using return light path and high quality spectrograph, the minimum measuring range is
  • 0-20ppm, lowest detection limit is 200ppb.


Measuring Technique: DOAS (SO2, NOx) , Electrochemistry (O2)
Measuring Range: 0~20~100ppm (SO2, Nox), 0~25% (O2)
Linearity Error: <±1.5%F.S.
Repeatability: <0.5%
Zero Drift: <±2%F.S./7d
Measuring Range Drift: <±2%F.S./7d
Response Time:  
Warm-up Time: None
Relay Output: 14
Binary Input: 6
Analog Output: 5×4 -20mA
Analog Input: 3×4 -20mA
Digital Comm.: RS485/RS232/GPRS
Enclosure Rating: IP42
Working Temp.: -10oC~+40oC
Working Humidity: 0~95%RH