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GCOM-3200 Volatile Organic Compounds Online Analyzer

GCOM-3200 Volatile Organic Compounds Online Analyzer



GCOM-3200 volatile organic compounds online analyzer (gas chromatograph) adopts specialized chromatographic column combination, gas path purging technology and flame ionization detector (FID) technology to realize simultaneous determination of non-methane hydrocarbon and benzene series, which is applied in working condition of high temperature, high humidity and high dust. The data can be uploaded to the corresponding monitoring platform as required.


  • Realize simultaneous determination of non-methane hydrocarbon and benzene series;
  • Use hot wind and electric heating material for heat tracing in process of collection, transmission, and detection to avoid VOCs absorption and condensation out of high boiling point, which makes the measurement more accurate;
  • Support multi-detector configuration and continuous detection for multiple monitoring points simultaneously, which improves the application range of analyzer;
  • Support remote control from TCP/IP web, or operate through touch screen at the site;
  • It can be configured with an explosion-isolation cabinet, which meets the requirements of the anti-explosion occasion.


  • Method: GC-FID
  • Range: NMHC: 0~1000μmol/mol, customizable
  • Benzenes: 0~10μmol/mol, customizable
  • Detection Limit: NMHC: ≤0.05μmol/mol
  • Benzenes: ≤0.1μmol/mol
  • Repeatability: RSD≤3.0%
  • Comm. Output: R10/100M ethernet, RS232
  • Comm. Protocol: Modbus-RTU/HJ 212
  • Meas. Period: NMHC≤2min, Benzenes≤16min
  • Gas Source Requirements: carrier gas: high purity nitrogen (> 99.999%)
  • combustion gas: high purity hydrogen (> 99.999%)
  • gas-assisted: zero-grade air (hydrocarbons less than 0.4mg/m3)
  • Dimension: 482mm×221mm×559mm
  • Power Supply: <900W, 220V/50Hz
  • Working Temp.: 5oC~40oC
  • Working Humidity: 10%~90%RH (non-condensing)