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During the penetration HMP SON registers the number of the impacts. For every impact the corresponding penetration depth is measured. The depth per impact and the number of impacts per 10cm are stored in the device and are available for other evaluations. By means of the PC software PROSON the series of measurements, stored in the HMP SON, can after measurement be transferred to the PC, stored and evaluated. The determination of measuring protocols and graphs according to DIN EN ISO 22476-2 can take place immediately. A short protocol can even be printed out directly at the site via thermal printer.


Penetrometer are used to determine layer perimeters when testing the subsoil for buildings, bridges, roades and other construction projects. They are also used to review compaction work and fills as well as to check the bedding conditions of incohesive soil. Thereby can be achieved information relatively fast and uncomplicated about the conditions and the loading capacity of the soil.

The electronic measuring instrument HMP SON can be used with all penetrometer according to DIN EN ISO 22476-2 for automatic measurement value logging at the site.


  • Easily upgradable to every penetrometer
  • Mobility by net independence
  • No tally lists at the site
  • Safe measured value acquisition and -storage
  • Automatic transfer of the measurement series
  • Short protocol printable directly at the site
  • Fast, comfortable protcol assembly on PC