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InduSENSOR DTA gages

InduSENSOR DTA gages

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LVDT gaging sensors are equipped with a plunger and fitted with a return spring. The measuring probe can be interchanged with commercially available measurement probes. Measurement probes are primarily used for the measurement and inspection of work-piece geometries (length, width, diameter, thickness, depth, height, etc.).


Model DTA-1G8 DTA-3G8 DTA-5G8 DTA-10G8 DTA-1G8-V DTA-3G8-V DTA-5G8-V DTA-10G8-V
Measuring range ±1mm ±3mm ±5mm ±10mm ±1mm ±3mm ±5mm ±10mm
Linearity 0.3 % FSO
Repeatability 0.15µm 0.45µm 0.75µm 1.5µm 0.15µm 0.45µm 0.75µm 1.5µm
Temperature stability 250ppm/°C
Temperature range -20…+80 °C (without bellows) / 0…+80 °C (with bellows)
Diameter 8h9mm
Sensor material stainless steel / FPM
Connection / pin connector open ends
Protection class sensor IP65 (with bellows) / IP54 (without bellows)
Cable output axial
Sensor cable length 3m
Life cycle MTBF 5 million cycles
Sensitivity 133 mV/mm/V 85 mV/mm/V 53 mV/mm/V 44 mV/mm/V 133 mV/mm/V 85 mV/mm/V 53 mV/mm/V 44 mV/mm/V
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