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InduSENSOR EDS series

InduSENSOR EDS series

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The sensor elements of the EDS series are protected by a pressure resistant stainless steel housing. As target, an aluminum sleeve is used which is integrated into the piston rod and is passed without making contact and wear-free over the sensor rod.


Model EDS-75 EDS-100 EDS-160 EDS-200 EDS-250 EDS-300 EDS-400 EDS-500 EDS-630
Connection S S, F S, F S S, F S, F S, F S S, F
Measuring range 75mm 100mm 160mm 200mm 250mm 300mm 400mm 500mm 630mm
Linearity ≤0.3% FSO 0.23mm 0.3mm 0.48mm 0.6mm 0.75mm 0.9mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 1.89mm
Resolution 0.05% FSO 0.038mm 0.05mm 0.08mm 0.1mm 0.125mm 0.15mm 0.2mm 0.25mm 0.315mm
Temperature range -40°C ... +85°C
Temperature stability ±200ppm / °C
Frequency response (-3 dB) 150Hz
Output 4 - 20mA
Output load 500Ω
Power supply 18 - 30VDC
Current consumption max. 40mA
Connector model S 7-pin connector (sensor cable as an option) options radial or axial output
Connector model F 5-pin radial bayonet-connector with mating plug
Pressure resistance 450bar (sensor rod, flange)
Protection class IP 67
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

EN 61326-1:2006 (spurious emission)

EN 61326-2-3:2006 (immunity to interference)


40g, 3000 shocks / axis 100g

radial, 300g axial


5Hz ... 44Hz ±2.5mm

44Hz ... 500Hz ±23g

Material V4A-Steel 1.4571