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The specific sensor configuration of the linear displacement sensors in the LDR series is characterized by a short, compact design with small diameter. The compact design and the small sensor diameter facilitate the installation of the measurement systems in locations where space is restricted.


Model LDR-10- LDR-25- LDR-50-
Connection SA CA SA CA SA CA
Measuring range 10mm 25mm 50mm
Measuring principle LDR - sensor
Linearity typ. ±0.30% FSO typ. ±0.35% FSO typ. ±0.7% FSO
±0.030mm ±0.088mm ±0.35mm
max. ±0.50% FSO
Excitation frequency 16kHz 12kHz 8kHz
Excitation amplitude 1Veff 1Veff 2.6Veff
Sensitivity 51mV/Vmm 21mV/Vmm 5.5mV/Vmm
Temperature range   SA storage: -40°C ... +80°C / operation: -15°C ... +80°C
Temperature range   CA storage: -40°C ... +160°C / operation: -40°C ... +160°C
Temperature stability   zero ±30ppm / °C ±40ppm / °C
Temperature stability   sensitivity ±100ppm / °C ±150ppm / °C
Housing (material) ferromagnetic stainless steel
Weight sensor (without plunger) 9g 24g 14g 28g 23g 37g
Weight plunger 1.5g 2.2g 3.5g
Sensor cable - minimum bending radius fixed / moved 8 / 15mm 10 / 30mm 8 / 15mm 10 / 30mm 8 / 15mm 10 / 30mm
Outer cable diameter 3.1mm 1.8mm 3.1mm 1.8mm 3.1mm 1.8mm
 Protection class IP 67
  Shock 40g, 3000 shocks / axis
100g radial, 300g axial
 Vibration 5Hz ... 44Hz ±2.5mm / 44Hz ... 500Hz ±20g
 Electric connection   SA 3-pin connector (accessory cable, article 0157047/047, 3 or 5m)
 Electric connection   CA integral axial cable (shielded), 2m
Electronics MSC7210 (page 12 - 13)