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Izod Type Impact Tester

Izod Type Impact Tester



Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will requite to customer by the best product


Application Field

Rigid plastic


KS M 3055, ASTM D 256, ISO 180

Product Descriptiono

    • The purpose of this equipment is to test the impact strength that is no possible
      by a static test(tension test). Resistance to shock is measured. (When specimens are
      fractured on impact, the absorbed energy’s content from the impact is abtained, then,
      the levels of toughness and brittleness of materials are determined)


Model TO-700 T0-700D
Type Analog LCD (AUTO)
Capacity (2.94J)
Hammer Weight at Striking Edge 608.72g
Lifting Angle 130°
Shape of Edge RO.8mm,75°
Impact Speed 3.5m/sec
Striking Center Distance 300mm (Total : 49.283cm)
Span between sample supports 22mm
Test Method KS M 3055, ASTM D 256, ISO 180
Dimension (App.) 500 x 450 x 700mm (W x D x H)
Weight (App.) 60kg