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Launder O Meter TO-850

Launder O Meter TO-850



Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will requite to customer by the best product


Application Field

Textile, fabric, etc.


KS K0430

Product Description

:)This tester measures the colour fastness to washing of specimens. A specimen and a white cloth are handled in laundry detergent, and are scoured and dried. After that, fading and discoloration of the specimen and the degree of contamination of the white cloth are used for estimation the fastness by comparing with the grey scale for fading, discoloration or contamination.
:)The corrosion resistance of bath material is excellent, because of using stainless steel(Sus # 304).


Model TO-850
Sampling Cup 24EA
Temp. Range 300C-800C
Temp. Control Digit set Readout PID Control
Temp. Stability +- 10c at 370c
Dimension (in) 430 x 530 x 600mm (W x D x H)
Material Interior : SUS304 x 2T
Exterior : SS41
Motor 1/2HP
Sampling Bottle Stainless 480CC
Rotate Speed 42 RPM +- 2
Time & Buzzer Auto 60/min, 60/h
Power Consumption 2,5kw
Power Source 100V or 220V