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LGT-300 One-Side Installation Laser Gas Analyzer

LGT-300 One-Side Installation Laser Gas Analyzer



LGT-300 laser moisture analyzer is a high precise analyzer for gas measurement, developed based on tenable diode laser absorption spectroscopy. One-side mounting installation is much easier than cross-stack.

By using a tunable semiconductor laser, the LGT series laser gas analyzer scans the specific absorption lines of the measured gas(no background gas) to get the second harmonic of the gas. Through processing and analyzing the second harmonic and the broadening information of the gas, the concentration of the gas is obtained.


• Non-contact optical measurement, low drift, and long service life.
• One-side installation, no complex adjustment of the optical path required.
• Reference gas cell adopted; online calibration; no disassemble needed
• "SIngle line spectrum" technology, free from the interference of background gas
• In-situ measurement, no sample conditioning required and avoiding the problems that sample is absorbed during the conditioning process, blocking, unit damage and etc.
• Low maintenance cost




Linear Error


Response Time


Span Drift

≤±1% F.S./half year

Zero Drift

≤±1% F.S./half year

Calibration Cycle

≤2 times/ year

Analog Output

3× 4-20mA output

Analog Input   

4× 4-20mAinput

Digital Communications


Working Temp


Purge Gas

 0.3MPa ~ 0.8MPa N2, clean air

Power supply

24VDC or 220VAC