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Magnetic Flaw Detector (Magnetic Yoke) NOVOTEST MPD-DC

Magnetic Flaw Detector (Magnetic Yoke) NOVOTEST MPD-DC



Magnetic Flaw Detector (Magnetic Yoke) NOVOTEST MPD-DC applies in circumstances where the electric equipment mustn’t be used or prohibited by the rules.

Device is used during magnetic particle inspection (where it is applicable) according to ASTM E 709, ASTM E 1444, ASME Section V Article 7 and MIL-STD-1949.

Magnetic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST MPD-DC is used to detect surface and subsurface cracks of all kinds (flake, lack of fusion welded joints, tears etc.) in structures made of ferromagnetic materials.

The device has two permanent magnets placed in a cylindrical shells, which are connected by a flexible magnetic wire, so it can be used for MPI of remote locations, corner welds and other products of various shapes and sizes.


Magnetic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST MPD-DC can be used in cases if user can not use electromagnets, when supply of power is difficult or restricted by rules of safety (during works at height; working in the field conditions; testing of internal surface of tanks, boilers; etc.) at operating temperature from 30 °C  below zero to 50 °C  above zero and relative humidity up to 95% at 35 °C .


Magnetic field strength at the center of the air gap between the poles

200 kA / m


Magnetic field strength in the air in the middle region between the working ends of the magnet, not less

65 kA / m


Interpolar distance

80 mm


Weight of the device, not more

 1 kg


Dimensions – cylindrical – flexible magnetic core

40*120*360 mm


Standard modes

Measurement of coercive force Current measurement Code measurement (units) Additional scale for calibration


 The measuring range of the coercive force, ?/?m (?/m)

 1-40,0  (100-4000)


 Measurement cycle, seconds, not more






 Additional scale for calibration




Li-Ion battery


 Battery life, h, not less



 Dimensions of the electronic unit, mm



 Dimensions of the probe, mm



The measurement range, Gauss (G)

± 100; ± 1000 or ± 2500

Read ability reading on the digital display, G.


Response time, no more, s


Measuring accuracy, G

± (0,002 N)

Overall dimensions, mm


Operating temperature, ° C

-5 to +40

Power supply

2 AAA batteries

Batteries life, h, not less


Weight of electronic unit with batteries, kg, no more