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Mixing Roll Machine

Mixing Roll Machine



Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will requite to customer by the best product


Application Field

Rubber, plastic, and a kind of compound


Product Description

    • This tester is a product that creates specimens of shhet status by mixing
      various plastics, compound, and rubber.The surface of roller is smooth and
      durable, because the surface was polished after the process off high frequency
      induction heat treatment, hard chromium plating
    • By using heating system of silicone oil as a transfer, the temperature
      difference of roller was reduced, and it was equipped with high precision
    • By adopting various sefty devices of reverse acting system and backflow
      prevention system, sefety of the user is considered
    • Air Cooling Type / Water Cooling Type (Option)
    • Oil Circulation/Chiller (Option)º


Model TO-270
Body : Mixing Roll a) Roll Size : 150x350mm(6inchx14inch)
b) Roll Material : S-55C High-frequency heating of the hard-
chrome gilting
c) Hardness of over 60 Rockwell
d) Roll interval digital type
e) Roll Gap control : Digital type (0.1-10mm adjustable)
Heating System Electricity Heating System (Silicon Oil)
Freezer Comp (Option) Air Colling or Water Colling System
a) Temp.Control : Digital T.P.R Control
b) Temperature : Ambient 300ºC
c) Bath Capacity : 40L
d) Pump Volume : 15L/min
Rotational Ratio a) Rotational Ratio : Each speed can be controled(Option)
b) Rotational Speed : 0-40 RPM
c) Chain-driving system
d) Speed Control : Digital Type
Motor / Electronic device a) Motor : 15HP With Cycloid Gear
b) Moment safety device : Foot on/of (Reverse acting Type)
c) Safety device / Upper handling device
Electric Source AC 380V 3-P 50Hz
Dimensions Approx.(W)2,000x(D)1,100x(H)1,700(mm)