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Mounting kits MK Direct, Delta and accessories



?? Direct 01 is used for installation of Eurosens Direct flow meters (PN, RS series). Fuel hoses are not included in this kit.

Mounking kit with threaded clamps Mounting kit for hose crimping

Also these positions can be ordered:

Universal mounting kit for single-channel fuel flow meters MK Direct 4.

  • Threaded connector – 2 pcs;
  • Copper washer – 2  pcs.

Universal mounting kit for differential fuel flow meters MK Delta 3.

  • Threaded connector – 4pcs;
  • Copper washer – 4  pcs.

Seals – 10 pcs.







BANGO BOLT 14 with sealing hole.







BANGO BOLT 14.2 with sealing hole.







Threaded plug with sealing hole.







M14 x M14 fuel connector.







M20 x M14 fuel connector







Fuel filter FDT, for initial fuel meter installation.