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OptoNCDT 1021/1101/1151

OptoNCDT 1021/1101/1151

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The laser distance sensors of the optoNCDT 1021/1101/1151 series need a special reflector on the target, the reflection properties of which are matched to the sensor. The use of this reflector makes possible measuring distances up to 250 m and significantly higher accuracies in comparison with laser scanners for measuring ranges less than 10 metres.



Model ILR1021-30 ILR1101-50 ILR1151-250
Measuring range 0.2 ... 30m 0.5 … 50m 0.5 … 250m
reflector required for operation
Linearity ±60mm ±5mm ±3mm
Resolution 1 ... 5mm 0.1 or 0.125mm
Repeatability ±5/10mm ±4mm ±2mm
Response time 65/30ms 12ms
Laser class  measuring laser IR 905nm, laser class 1 IR 900nm, laser class 1
Laser class  sighting laser red 650nm, laser class 2
Operation temperature -10° … +50° C; -20° … +50° C in continous operation (humidity 5 - 95%, no condensation)
Storage temperature -30° … +75°C
Limit outputs QA/QB (max. 100mA)
Switching points free adjustable (teach in) adjustable in 1-mm-steps
Switching hysteresis 30mm min. 20mm (adjustable) min. 10mm (adjustable)
Plausibility output - QP (max. 50mA)
Service output - QP (max. 50mA)
Serial interface -

RS422 (2.9ms at 57.6kBaud) SSI - compatible (GRAY/BINÄR adjustable)

(SSI Zyklus 80μs)

Bus interface - Profibus or DeviceNet via respective gateway (accessory)
Analog output 4 ... 20mA - -
Temperature stability <1.2mm/°C <0.5mm/°C <±5mm absolut
Supply 18 - 30 VDC
Max. consumption  
Connection 5-pin connector M12  12-pin connector M16
Protection class IP 67
Material (housing) ABS shock resistant
Vibration EN 60947-5-2 10 - 55Hz, amplitude 1.5mm, period 5min. at resonant frequency or 55Hz, stress time 30min. per axis
Shock EN 60947-5-2 acceleration 30g, pulse duration 11ms, half sinusoid, 3 shocks/axis
Weight appr. 200g  appr. 230g
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