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Power Distribution and Control Module

Power Distribution and Control Module



The ECOSTAR PLUS enhancement kit replaces the PDM module with the Power Distribution and Control Module (SEMTECH PDCM) capable of servicing both gaseous and particulate measurement stacks while maintaining the modularity, gaining the benefits of the all-new software platform, and reduced cabling. The ECOSTAR PLUS enhancement kit also includes the In-Vehicle Control Module (ICM), and power supply kit.


  • Multi-Channel Power and Communications: 4 or 7 independently switchable power outputs are available for the instrumentation modules.
  • Dual 12V Inputs: These dual inputs enable hot-swapping from shore power to battery power.
  • 240V FID Output: This output is now powered by an inverter integrated into the PDCM.
  • Power over Ethernet: 3 PoE connections enable low power devices or a computer to connect to the system.
  • Heated Line Controller: This controller is integrated in the PDCM.
  • GPS/Weather Probe: Cables for these accessories are now combined for reduced complexity. Connection on flow tube is still supported.



PDCM Single

1 Power Distribution Board 4 Aux Ports 1 FID Port


2 Power Distribution Boards 7 Aux Ports 1 FID Port

Input Voltage

12 VDC

Output Voltage, Aux Ports Output Voltage, FID Port

12 VDC 240 VAC

Current Aux Current FID

32 A / Channel, 90A total Max (4 channels combined) 1.67 A

Dimensions W x D x H

  1. 18.4 x 16.3 x 3.3 in


PDCM Single: 22.5 lbs, 10.2 kg PDCM Dual: 23.0 lbs, 10.4 kg