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Pressing Roll – TO-R200

Pressing Roll – TO-R200



Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will requite to customer by the best product


  • This tester is for evaluating the characteristic of the material
  • Consist of two precision-machined for Pressing material and the pressure control is controlled by between the two possible structure roll


ROLL Roll Interval control (digital type)
Roll Gap control : Digital type(0.001~10mm adjustable)
Roll interring pressure : Max 300kg
Roll Surface & Roughness : 50nm
Hearing Type Temp.Range : RT ~ 350°C ±5°C
Heater type : Cartridge Heater
Roll Temp (individual control)
Rotational Ratio Rotational Ratio : Under the same rotation speed
Rotational Speed : -~40 RPM
Servo Motor
Speed Control : Digital Type
Driving System Pressure part : AC Servo Motor (100 W)
Roll driving part - AC Servo Motor (2 kW)
LM Unit
Power AC 220V 3-P 60Hz / 20 kW