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Rheometer - TO-220

Rheometer - TO-220



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Application Field
ISO 289, ASTM D 1646, KS M 6518, JIS K 6300
Product Description

  • This is a device that measures the degree of vulcanization of rubber. The degree of vulcanization of rubber is important porperties in selection, mixing and etc. of vulcanization chemical. By adopting the MDR system, this tester can get more accurate rate of vulcanization and the degree of vulcanization
  • By using proprietary software, it is easy to manage graph and data


Model TO-220
Movement Geared Motor Operation
Temp. Range Ambient 10 ~ 200 °C
Temp. Control Digital P.I.D Control
Temp. Probe PT 100 Ω
Compressed Air 4 kg/cm³ (4.1 bar, 60 psi)
Sample Tray Rotation Table : 28 EA
Dimensions Apporx. 1240 x 630 x 1,000 mm
Power 220V, 60 Hz
Electrical Power 1.4 kW
Weight Approx. 120 kg