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Rockwell Durometer

Rockwell Durometer



Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will requite to customer by the best product


Application Field

Plastic, metal


ISO 3804, ISO 5074, ASTM E 18

Product Description

  • By using ONE TOUCH automatic MOTOR driving system and DIGITAL direct indication
    system, there is no individual measurement errors.
  • LAMP is lit during the test. Operation is simple and does not require skill.
  • By AUTO-SETTING, it is easy to test.
  • DIAMOND CONE & STEEL BALL displays clear distinction.
  • Distinction according to the SCALE is clearly marked by LED LAMP
  • Measuring range is extensive


Model TO-2000R
Measure Scale Digital
Capacity 150kgf
Minor Load 10kgf
Major Load 60, 100, 150kgf
Vertical gap 210
Dimensions 210 x 450 x 680mm (W x D x H)
Wight Approx, 70 kg