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Ross Type Flexing Tester - TO-200R

Ross Type Flexing Tester - TO-200R



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Application Field
Rubber, Molded plastic, Polyurethane, etc.
KS M 6721, ISO 5423, ASTM D 1052
Product Description
This is an instrument that measures the resistance to cracks, cuts, and growth by repeated bending in vulcanized rubber, molded plastic, shoes, or the window material of industrial polyurethane. By drilling a perforation in the center of specimens of prescribed size, the number of flexing is measured and recorded when it reaches cutting length defined by the number of qualified, or the cutting length 6mm.


Model TO-200R
Flexing Speed 100 ± 5 RPM
Flexing Angle Max. 90°
Specimen Size
1.00 + 0.05" in width
6" in length
Specimen Holder 6 holders
Available Numver of Specimen 12 pcs
Counter 6 digits
Testing Method ASTM D 1052
Motor 1HP 750
Power 220V 60Hz
Accesary Punching Mach INE