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The SF-1020 SuperBench comes standard with all of the features of the SF-1020 plus SuperFlow's® WinDyn® Data Acquisition System for advanced data analysis. With its advanced electronics, the SuperBench is well suited for flow analysis in industrial and scientific applications. The included electronics and WinDyn® software allow users to perform automated tests and then quickly analyze the data. Additionally, the automated testing eliminates operator induced variables making the SuperBench extremely repeatable and accurate. It can test up to 240 hp (179 kW) per cylinder at test pressures up to 65” (165 cm) of water. The unique variable flow orifice adjusts flow range between 25 cfm and 1,000 cfm (12 - 472 l/s), based on computer input, to fit the valve size or valve lift.


Calibration Test Pressure 25" of water
Range 0-1,100 cfm
Intake Capacity 1,100 cfm @ 25" of water
Exhaust Capacity 1,000 cfm @ 25" of water
Power 240 VAC, 75A, single phase
Weight 563 lbs (255 kg)
Dimensions 48 x 33 x 43 in. (122 x 84 x 110 cm)