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Shaft Alignment

Shaft Alignment



Misalignment is one of the top conditions that leads to machine failure. Misalignment occurs when the center lines of two rotating shafts are not co-linear. Misalignment destroys bearings, seals, couplings, rotors and shafts.

Misalignment of the driving and driven shaft in a machine adds stress forces to the shaft, which are transferred through the shaft to the bearings, seals, etc. These forces work against all of these components to reduce the productive life of the machine.

Misalignment will also create high levels of vibration and friction. This can result in excess heat that can reduce the effectiveness of the lubricant. Excess vibration will result in shorter machine life and, in some cases, poor product quality resulting in scrap and waste.

GTI@lign is GTI Predictive Technology’s solution for shaft alignment. Powered by powerful Pruftechnik technology, GTI@lign is one of our core reliability maintenance tools for the iPad.

GTI@lign includes:

  • 3 step alignment process
  • Active clock measurement
  • Live horizontal and vertical moves
  • Soft foot measurement
  • Complete reporting
  • Wireless Bluetooth operation