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Soft Inclusion Stress Cells (VW)

Soft Inclusion Stress Cells (VW)

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The Model 4360 Vibrating Wire Soft Inclusion Stress Cells (SISC) are larger versions of the Model 4300 Borehole Stressmeters. The SISC is pre-loaded by wedging it into a large size diamond drill hole using an integral screw mechanism or hydraulic piston and can be set to measure both tensile and/or compression stress changes. It has been used successfully in 152 mm diameter overcoring holes (drilled to measure in situ stresses) to measure Aggregate/Alkali Reactions (AAR) in concrete dams.


Standard Range¹
±35 MPa
Resolution¹ 35 KPa
Accuracy² ±0.5% F.S.
Temperature Range³ −20°C to +80°C
Borehole Diameter³ NX, PQ, HQ, 152 mm

¹Proportional to rock modulus; figures given are for E = 0.03 × 106 MPa.

²Established under laboratory conditions.

³Other ranges and diameters available on request.