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Taber Abrasion Tester - TO-800T

Taber Abrasion Tester - TO-800T



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Application Field
Plastic, paint, paper, leather, etc.
ASTM D 1175, D 1175, etc.
It is based on each related standard
Product Description

  • This tester is used as a multi-purpose device to measure the degree of wear of rubber, paint, leather, etc. The specimen is placed on the rotary plate, and it is rubbed and worn down by the prescribed load(weight). The degree of wear is calculated by measuring the weight loss.
  • Wear index = (initial weight - weight after polishing) / test rpm x 1000


Model TO-800T
Turn Table Speed 60 RPM
Load Weight 250, 500, 1000g
Counter 6 Digital
Grinding Wheel 2" X W½"
Power AC 220V 60Hz
Standarized Abrasion Test Wheels  Model : H-22
Mark : U.S.A
  Vacuum absorber