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Toy Durability Testing Machine

Toy Durability Testing Machine



Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will requite to customer by the best product


  • This tester is for evaluating durability of the joint and the rotaty part of toy.
  • The joint and rotaror endurance test and fracture test can be opperated
  • It is easy to acquire and analyze the data using the private Software


Torque /
Number of test 1,000,000 cycle
Test methods Joint ports durability / Joint parts destruction
Main Body Al-profile Case
Driving System

AC Servo Motor System

AC Servo Motor&Reduser (Japan)

Control Motion Control, Software, Angle control, torque control
Computer System

(monitor, Mainbody)

19"Rack STD

Safety Device

Emergency Stop, Limit (Torque, Angle)

Power Breaker

Power AC 200V, 60Hz
Grip Order production