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A compact, ergonomic and handheld ultrasonic pulse velocity tester for quality assessment of concrete.

The device is made of light-weight shockproof plastic and has two built-in transducers with dry-point-contact with fixed base (150 mm). Wear resistant tips of the transducers are insensitive to the surface condition. Hence, there is no need to apply coupling gel or to prepare object surface for testing.

The device has sound indication when ultrasonic signals are being received, non-volatile memory allowing storing of 50000 measurements (the results can be grouped) and infrared USB port for transferring of the saved data to the external PC.



Scanning base

 150 mm

Time measurement range

 15 – 100 μs

Velocity measurement range

 1500 – 9990 m/c

Crack deepness measurement range

 10 – 50 mm

Working frequency

 50 kHz

Pulse repetition frequency

 5 – 25 kHz

Quantity of objects in memory

 4 000

Operating temperature range

 from -20 to +45 °C

Power three AA Alkaline batteries Operation time

 100 h


 199 ? 120 ? 34 mm

Weight of electronic unit

 350 g