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Universal Testing Machine YAW 300B

Universal Testing Machine YAW 300B



300KN Computer contolled Automatic Compression Testing Machine is used to cement mortar compressive strength test which meets the standards GB/T17671-1999 and it can also be widely used in concrete, brick and other pressure test within the scope of 300KN.


1. Max. test force: 300kN
2. Relative error of indicated value: ≤±1%
3. Loading speed: 0.3KN/S-10KN/S
4. Error of loading speed: ±5%
5. Bearing plate size: φ120mm
6. Max. piston stroke: 60mm
7. Piston diameter: φ130mm
8. Max. pressure of oil: 25MPa
9. Rated flow of oil pump: 1.52L/min
10.Motor power: 0.75kW
11.Dimension of main frame: 870×450×1400mm
12.Weight of main frame: 450Kg