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UTM (Twin Column, Desk Type) – UNITEST MD

UTM (Twin Column, Desk Type) – UNITEST MD



Universal Testing Machine

Twin Column

Desk Type


  • Universal Testing Machine is a representative test equiptment for physical properties. It is capable of measuring load, strength, elongation of products or materials such as rubber, film, plastic, metal, etc.
  • Basically, Tests of fullering, tearing, compression, flexural, desquamation are available. Hardness(ILD, IFD) , static load, repeat fatique tests, the friction coefficient measurement test are also available
  • There are largerly two universal testing machine, mechanical machine and hydraulic machine. The major part of mechanical universal testing machine such as servo motor, gear, ball screw is constructed from foreign made(Japan). So, it has precision and low noise. Hydraulic universal testing machine realized the excelient reproducibility and accuracy by adopting a hydraulic servo system
  • It uses dedicated software and was made for user’s convenience. Therefore, various graphs, unit conversion, conversion to excel are easy. Data storage, management, and can be printed. In addition, users can change some details through an order
  • With an environmental chamber, materials tests in constant temperature and humidity, low or high temperature are possible


 Model UNITEST M1 
 Max. Load Capacity  10 kN
Load Accuracy   + 0.5%
Column Type   Twin Column
Vertical Test Space  (without accesories)   940 mm
Crosshead Speed Range   0.01 ~ 500 mm/min
Return Speed   500 mm/min
 Load Resolution  1/50,000
Machine Controller   Touch Type Servo Controller (Position Control Type)
Position Control Accuracy   + 0.1%
Driving System   Ball Screw & Linear Guide Type
Driving Motor  AC Servo & Driver (Japan) 
Auto Function  Auto Start, End, Return System 
Test Category  Tensile, Tear, Peel, Compression, Bending, Repeat, etc. 
Safety Device  Emergency Stop, Up-Down Limit (Proximity Sensor Type). Over Load 
 Bottom Desk (W x D x H)  Approx. 840x 665 x 430 mm
 Dimension (W x D x H)  Approx. 840x 665 x 1500 mm
Net Weight   Approx. 200 kg
Power  AC 220V, 2P, 50/60 Hz