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Vibration Tester TV400

Vibration Tester TV400




  • Three channels(CH1, CH2 and REV) are available, the vibration of any two of the three directions including X axis, Y axis and Z axis can be tested.
  • Five measuring modes: three parameters measuring?AVD mode?, dynamic time domain waveform(TIME mode), dynamic spectrum measurement?FFT mode?, data sampling?Sample mode?, rotation speed measurement( REV mode).
  • The peak value of acceleration, velocity and peak to peak value of displacement are measured.
  • Preset the filter’s cut-off frequency of pass band, frequency step is 100Hz.
  • Dynamic display the waveform in real time.
  • Dynamic display the vibration frequency.
  • Continuous data sampling for 20 seconds
  • With powerful data management:50 points stored, the measured data of each point is stored in files, users can review the vibration parameters, waveform, frequency data sampling and rotation speed.
  • Connected with printer to print out measured data, waveform and spectrum chart.