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Water Penetrate Tester TO-860

Water Penetrate Tester TO-860



Endeavors defiance and hot passion in research and development and will requite to customer by the best product


Application Field

Fabric, leather, artifical leather


ISO 811, JIS K 6328

Product Description

This tester measures the hydrostatic pressure of products as fabrics, textiles, leather, etc. There are two methods to test: high range hydrostatic presssure method (6kgf) and low range hydrostatic pressure method (1kgf). This tester was designed based on the low range hydrostatic pressure method. With a constant pressure, water is supplied from the bottom of the specimen.The pressure is measured and tested when certain water droplets are shown.


Model TO-860
Water Pressure Max 2000mbar (=2000cm H20)
Specimen Clamp 100cm2
Clamping Pressure 5000 N
Motor Compressor (Max. 6bar)
Force Digital Type
Water Speed 0 - 500mbar/min (Air Servo Vavle)
Safety Device Emergency S/W, Sensor of Bursting
Power Source 220V 1kw 50/60Hz
Standard ISO 811,etc