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WireSENSOR MK60 digital

WireSENSOR MK60 digital

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The miniature draw-wire sensors of the MK series are specially designed for use in high-volume production. Due to the favorable price and the compact size of the sensor, new potential designs and cost optimization are the benefits to the user.


Model WPS-2400-MK60-CR
Output TTL01 TTL02
Signals A, B, 0 A, A, B, B, O
Sensor element incremental encoder
Measuring range 2400mm
Linearity <0.05% FSO
Resolution 6.83 pulses/mm
Temperature range -20 to 80°C
Material housing plastic, PBT GF20
Material draw wire coated polamide stainless steel (ø 0.45mm)
Material protection cap plastic, PBT GF20
Wire mounting wire clip
Sensor mounting mounting holes on the sensor housing
Wire retraction force (min) 1N
Wire extension force (max) 8N
Wire acceleration (max) 5g
Protection class IP 65
Electrical connection cable, radial, 1m
Weight (with cable) ~290g