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WireSENSOR MPM analog

WireSENSOR MPM analog

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The draw wire sensors of the MPM Series are the preferred choice in applications which are characterised by fast movements, short displacements and limited space. This is achieved using miniaturized components combined with high resolution hybrid potentiometers.


Model WDS-50-MPM WDS-150-MPM WDS-250-MPM
Output P
Measuring range 50mm 150mm 250mm
Linearity <0.2% FSO - <0.3mm <0.5mm
Linearity <0.25% FSO <0.125mm - -
Resolution quasi infinite
Sensor element conductive plastic potentiometer hybrid potentiometer
Temperature range -20 ... +80 °C
Material housing aluminium
Material draw wire stainless steel (ø 0.45mm)
Sensor mounting swivel flange in two axes 180° / 360°
Wire mounting thread M4
Wire acceleration appr. 25g (option HG: 100g)
Wire retraction force (min) 1.5N (option HG: 10N)
Wire extension force (max) 3.5N (option HG: 17N)
Protection class IP 65
Vibration 20g, 20Hz - 2kHz
Mechanical shock 50g, 20ms
Electrical connection integrated cable, axial, 3-leads, 1m
Weight appr. 150g