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WireSENSOR WPS-MK30 analog

WireSENSOR WPS-MK30 analog

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The miniature draw-wire sensors of the MK series are specially designed for use in high-volume production. Due to the favorable price and the compact size of the sensor, new potential designs and cost optimization are the benefits to the user.


Model WPS-50-MK30 WPS-150-MK30 WPS-250-MK30 WPS-500-MK30 WPS-750-MK30
Output P
Measuring range 50mm 150mm 250mm 500mm 750mm
Linearity  conductive plastic pot <0.5% FSO <0.25mm - - - -
Linearity  wire pot. P25 <0.25% FSO - - - <1.25mm <1.87mm
Linearity  hybrid pot. P25 <0.25% FSO - <0.375mm <0.625mm - -
Linearity  hybrid pot. P25 <0.1% FSO - - <0.25mm <0.5mm <0.75mm
Resolution conductive plastic pot quasi infinite
Resolution wire pot. - 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.15mm 0.2mm
Resolution hybrid pot.  quasi infinite
  conductive plastic/wire/hybrid potentiometer
Temperature range -20 ... +80°C
Material housing plastic
Material draw wire coated polyamid stainless steel (ø 0.36mm)
Wire mounting eyelet
Sensor mounting mounting holes / mounting grooves
Wire acceleration appr. 5g
Wire retraction force (min) appr. 1N
Wire extension force (max) appr. 2.5N
Protection class IP 20
Electrical connection soldering tag
Weight appr 45g