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The draw wire sensors in the P60, P96, P115 and P200 Series are designed so that simple mounting of an incremental or absolute encoder is guaranteed. The selection of the interface, resolution and type of connection can therefore be individually configured.


Model WDS-1500 Z60-M 0 Z60-M WDS-3000 P96-M WDS-5000 P115-M WDS-7500 P115-M WDS-10000 P115-M WDS-15000 P115-M WDS-30000 P200-M WDS-40000 P200-M WDS-50000 P200-M
Measuring range 1500mm 3000mm 5000mm 7500mm 10000mm 15000mm 30000mm 40000mm 50000mm
Output dependent upon encoder
Linearity   <0.01% FSO - - - - <1mm <1.5mm <3mm <4mm <5mm
Linearity   <0.02% FSO <0.3mm <0.6mm <1mm <1.5mm - - - - -
Resolution dependent upon encoder
Travel per encoder revolution 150mm 260.09mm 315.07mm 500mm
Suitable adapter-flange for encoder ø 58mm   clamping flange e WDS-EAC 1 WDS-EAC 96/200 WDS-EAC 115 WDS-EAC 96/200
Suitable adapter-flange for encoder ø 58mm   synchro flange WDS-EAS 1 included in delivery
Temperature range   operation -20...+80°C
Temperature range   storage -40...+80°C
Material   housing aluminium
Material   draw wire coated polyamid stainless steel
ø 0.45mm ø 0.8mm ø 1.0mm ø 0.8mm
Wire mounting wire clip thread M4 eyelet
Sensor mounting 2 mounting holes slot nuts
Wire acceleration 10g 7g 5g 6g 3g 3g  
Wire retraction force (min) 3.5N 5N 4N 8N 8N 8N 12N 11N 11N
Wire extension force (max) 5.5N 10N 16N 24N 21N 25N 22N 22N 24N
Protection class dependent upon encoder
Vibration 20g, 20Hz...2kHz
Mechanical shock 50g, 10ms
Weight 0.3kg 1.1kg 1.4kg 1.9kg 2.8kg 3.2kg 9.5kg 10kg 11k